Playing in different bands since the age of 16 I've always had a passion for music.

I've managed to play some amazing venues in Bristol, from the likes of The Croft, The Fleece, O2 academy and more.

I've grown up with a bigger family and it gave me the chance to listen to a wider range of music. From Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Grunge, Metal, Pop and Indie music I love to take what I love from them and make something of my own from it. 

During the first lockdown I realized I hadn't really put as much time into myself over the last few years and decided to focus more time in what I love to do and I started writing music again.

It felt like the perfect time to really open myself up and it was a great release. Also during the summer I decided to start up an Instagram page for mental health support. I'd use it as a place on social media where there would be no toxicity. I often post images/quotes/advice that I myself have found and used and share other people's amazing work. I want to be able to do more and hope to raise awareness of the subject both through my songs and in my free time to help local charities.

It's now as much as a passion as my music, and I feel music is such a powerful tool. It can be so therapeutic to create and listen to music and I hope like other artists have helped me I can do the same for listeners of my music. 

This is the first time I've been a solo artist and it's a huge step for me.

I'm so excited for the journey ahead and to be given such a great opportunity, one that I thought I may have missed out on being in my 30s. I'm ready for this new chapter and more days like this.